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The SEO Therapist
Why Psychology Today usually ranks first in the non-local section of the google search results pages and I and no one else can do anything about it.

1. Psychology today has been online for a very long time and so has their domain name and webpages.

2. Their SEO strategies and coding are the best I have ever seen in ANY area, forget just therapy.

3. They are a magazine, have tons of blogs and articles, are an online resource, and an online directory... all under one entity.

4. They link to everything within their site and to outside sites.

5. They have the money and can hire tons of people to sit there and do SEO and social media work, they started doing this years ago before most, and they are very good at it.

6. Google loves authority, popularity, and relevance. They are everywhere, they focus on all parts of therapy, and they have thousands and thousands of therapists interlinked. Amazing, annoying, and true.

Lucky 7.  The good news!
Clients still find me in the local listings above PT, or in more detailed searches, or just right below PT. Local google results, at least since its conception years ago do not allow entities like PT in the local listings results. Yay! And, clients have informed me that they chose to click on my pages because I seem like a real person and not just some random directory link and mine was just what they were looking for. 

Also, lately PT has displayed therapist photos in search results through coding but when clients click on them they are not taken to that actual person but just a list of people. Not a great experience for the client. Lastly, there are many ways to make PT work for you and this is included in my SEO strategy if you have a PT profile. I decided to make them my frenemy and it works very well!
Additional Notes from The SEO Therapist