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You have probably heard people talking about SEO and may be wondering what it is exactlySearch engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of your website and online content in a search engine's unpaid results often referred to as naturalorganic, or earned results. In other words, it helps your website and other content rank high on Google when clients search for a therapist in your area. Google "therapist in Garden City, NY" and I will be on the first page. That's right, I am a therapist too. SEO is a technical and specialized process that yields long lasting and impactful results. SEO for therapists helps clients find you!

After all, how much is a nice website worth if clients can't find you on search engines such as Google? If someone knows your name they can search for you and hopefully you will show up, but what about new clients who don't know who you are? They need a way to find you! You need SEO.

The search engine results you see are purposeful and not just random.
Search engines, like Google, are a lot like the librarians of the internet. Imagine having to be the main library for every single book ever written. And imagine now that authors did not have to go through a publishing process or review before coming to you... 

How do you index your books so people can find the right ones? How does a library know what the best selections are for their database so people do not have to sift through stuff that is useless or offensive to them? What if their titles do not match their content? How do they know which books to not allow?  

Similarly, how does Google select the best fit, the cream of the crop, the top sites for a particular search? Algorithms! Google has thousands of these formulas, some that have been well known and constant and others that are kept secret and sometimes change. All these exist for the purpose of relevance, trust, and authority. How else can Google trust you? Google wants to provide the best results for each search. The SEO Therapist optimizes your content for them to help you rank higher!

SEO for therapists is a commitment to excellence in content, strategic and technical, but there is no magic or smoke and mirrors. If you work hard to present YOU and your practice online, there is no reason why you shouldn't be rewarded by Google, for they just want to give quality, relevant results.

Earn Google's trust, love and admiration. 
Your content seems good, so what gives?! How can you rank high without ads or being an established and popular entity? Of course you want google to love your site, and may wonder why it does not. The thing is, you need an SEO person to essentially translate for and make it known to google that you got some quality, relevant, trust worthy stuff. 

This is done through various methods with research, experimentation, analysis, coding, internet trends, keyword integration, listings, social metrics, tags, styles, links and hundreds of other methods. I call this process Seo Analysis... Like therapy!

SEO is a process that in a pretty short period of time can get you on the first page of Google search results (you have google's attention and interest) and over time you are likely to climb higher and higher (you and google are close friends!)                                           
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How therapists can get clients to find them on Google with SEO for therapists.

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