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The SEO Therapist
Name and practice name (if different).

Your email address for me to contact you.

Do you have a website? If yes, please write 
your website address. If no, write none.

How long has your website been published for? 
(age of your website)

If known, what platform service is your website built on (Wordpress, Godaddy, Wix, etc.)

Do you have a listing on an online therapy directory such as PT? If yes, which one?

What are your treatment modalities? Such as individual, couples, family, groups.

What age range do you work with?

Do you offer high in demand or niche/hard to find services? If so, list them here (not counting what the average therapist treats like adults with anxiety, depression, relational issues, etc.) I am instead referring to work regarding children, couples, groups, families, eating disorders, EMDR, LGBTQ, etc. Please do not include here unless it is a highlighted specialty expertise.

What insurances do you take if any?

Do you have your own personal physical practice location where mail can be sent to you? NOT a P.O. Box or virtual office. Shared part-time suites with one address are okay so long as you can get mail there.

Are you planning on staying in the same city for a while? SEO for local professional services are largely tied to location and many changes will need to be made if you move your practice to another city. Much of the SEO work will remain intact but parts will have to be redone or edited.

How did you find my website? (Google, word of mouth, facebook group, etc.)

I would like to know more about your practice to see how I can best help you through SEO. Answer as well as you can and know that this is not set in stone but just preliminary. I will get back to you with my initial thoughts and we can consult further.