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What is SEO?

by The SEO Therapist on 08/27/18

SEO is a method of enhancing the effectiveness of your content (webpages) for search engines such as Google in order to help your business show up higher on the search results page than content from other business sites associated with the same search terms.

When people need information they go on the internet, type in what they want, press enter, and then get a list of search results that are relevant to their query. Those results appear as a result of SEO which develops and presents your existing content in a way that search engines understand, analogous to a person using sign language to translate.  

For example, if you worked in Queens of New York, when a potential client types in phrases such as Therapist in Forest Hills, Anxiety Counseling near me, Addiction Therapy in Queens, or Cigna Therapist 11375, SEO helps a business show up in results for these phrases (or whichever phrases they want to optimize) not only on the first page of results but as high up as possible.

SEO not only helps to get you clients, but you are more likely to get clients who are looking for your specialties or insurance you may take.

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