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Website Design Services for Therapists
​I offer website design services for those of you who do not have a website or would like a new one. You can get an idea of the basic homepage layout and look here.

Website appeal is in the eye of the beholder. The color scheme and photos can be changed, but make sure that you like the overall feel of it. We can consult on this as well. If you want a different type of design I will tell you if I can do it, and if not I can give you referrals. SEO work has little to do with the attractiveness of a website, but it is the ideal for SEO and web design to be done by the same person.

Depending on what your needs are (number of pages and elements) the cost will range from $1200 for a standard website (additional options up to $2500 total), plus $30 monthly to cover hosting, domain and design licensing fees. I offer a payment plan of $600 down and then $100 per month to follow along with the regular $30 fee. You also save $100 if you have purchased SEO Services from me.

Edits to a completed website are $20 for small edits and then $60 per hour. Very minor fast fixes can be applied towards a future hour of work. If I happen to catch an obvious error or two that you made in text while I am doing work I will correct it, no charge.

Included with all standard websites:
-At least four pages including Home and basic About , Services and Contact pages.
-A customized, simple, summarized, clear mobile friendly version of your site that mobile users will automatically see instead trying to see big images and text in a small window. More than 65% of clients find you from their mobile device.
-Integration of any extra 3 photos of yours (you, your office, anything else).
-Your selection of a top cover photo from scenic pictures I have pre-selected OR you can choose your own if it is wide enough. I will choose a color story for you based on the photo you choose. I can send you two sample versions related to site colors.
-Basic info included such as name, professional title, number, address and email.
-Brief 'About me/counseling xyz' blurb next to photo (if wanted) on Homepage.
-Services title and 1 - 3 images (modalities or areas) on Homepage (if wanted).
-Phone number, address, map and email form ALSO on Homepage (if wanted).
-A one page Services page including your text about your services (specialties or modalities of treatment can be separated by paragraphs or with bold titles; just include this in your styling when you send the text to me).
-Help in choosing a domain name for your website that is good for SEO.

Website add ons:
-Additional pages each with one related overhead image if wanted such as Blog, Resources, Credentials, Publications, Philosophy/Approach, Fees, and more). 
-Disclaimer on website related to privacy.
-Domain data displayed on bottom of contact page.
-List of your affiliated associations with links.
-Links to print any of your existing forms you want clients to bring in.
-Links to up to 10 resources (crisis line, worksheets, etc.)
-Links bar to existing social media pages such as Facebook in the footer section.
-Google Analytics installation.
-Favicon creation and installation (the little custom icon next to website tabs)
-Video embedding (self introduction, etc.)
-Web page embedding.
-Mailing list/newsletter invite to clients.
*Please let me know if you have other requests or needs for your website.
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